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The perfect gift for duck hunters!

Posted by Bradley Schultz on

Gift for duck hunters

Have you ever wondered what a perfect gift is for the hunter in your life? Do you want a gift that comes in various price ranges, styles, and colors to fit every gift givers’ ambitions?

Perfect duck hunter gift

The hunter in your life, or huntress, will love a new duck call. Let’s explore the benefits!

Duck calls come in a variety of price ranges! $0-50, $50-100, $100+

Economy duck calls typically come in a poly-carbonate material or plastic. This poly-carbonate is very durable and get gets the job done! This is a great choice for a beginning hunter to learn on.

Youth Duck Hunter

Mid-Range duck calls are often made of wood or some kind of combination of acrylic and poly-carbonate (ACP) where the barrel is acrylic and the insert is poly-carbonate. This cuts down the cost of the call and offers a great sound.

Duck Commander Calls THE MULE Double Reed Wood Duck Call (DCMULE) Photo 1

High end duck calls are often made of Acrylic or Acrylic stabilized wood which is a bit more fragile than polycarbonate, but with gains on sound quality and appearance with no mould lines from the manufacturing like polycarbonate. These calls are often turned one at a time by hand. The material will not swell like an all wood material call may. They come in various colors and styles that fit every hunter’s needs.

Hayes Calls Whiskey Bobwire Series (HCBW)

“But I’ve already got too many duck calls,” says no hunter ever!

Many people collect duck calls. They tend to hold their value pretty well and in some cases increase in value as they are discontinued and become scarce!... this is not investment advise. Duck call collectors often have 10’s or even 100’s of calls. It can easily become an addiction. A good addiction though!


Source: - User: sesimmons

Practice is the key to successful duck hunting. Put a call in the car to practice on the way to work. Keep a call in the house to turn TV time into sharpen my skills time. Put one in the boat to practice when the fish aren’t biting in the off season… you get the idea!

Goose calls are great too, and also have many price points, styles, and colors to meet each hunter’s personal preferences!

“OK. I’ve got my duck call, under budget, from Double Reed Outdoors. What do I do with my excess budget?” says the thrifty shopper.

A quality lanyard is a great accessory for any duck hunter. Another great accessory is a floating blind bag to carry shells, calls, and other gear out into the field or on the water.

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday or other special occasion a duck call is definitely a great gift for the duck hunter in your life! Right now take advantage of our holiday specials to buy your gift under budget! Thanks

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