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JoeAnna Gaspard

Grand Lake, Louisiana

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Hi. My name is JoeAnna Gaspard. I am 23 years old and live in Grand Lake, Louisiana. I live in southwest Louisiana where it is the ultimate sportsman’s paradise. It has everything from world-class duck and deer hunting to saltwater and freshwater fishing. I absolutely love to hunt and fish. I started fishing at a young age with my father. I can remember my dad taking me and watch him catch a lot of different species of fish. As I got older he began to teach me how to cast a rod and reel. He went through many days of frustration while teaching me the correct techniques. He picked through many backlashes and hung lures on stumps before I caught on. What he taught helped me to place 3rd in a speckled trout shootout this past summer. My dad and I am each other’s ultimate fishing partner. At 16 he taught me how to back up the truck to launch the boat. I did not start hunting till I was 16 years old. My dad hunted when I was younger but always veered back to fishing. My stepfather hunted a lot as I was growing up even though I did not understand what it was. When my little brother was born he got back into hunting regularly. My little brother in now 13 and shares the same passion that I learned at a young age. When my stepfather started bringing my little brother hunting is when I began to have a new passion. I fell in love with duck hunting after the first trip and can not stop going now. I recently went on my first true goose hunt and killed my first specklebelly. Now my new goal is to kill my limit of specklebellies by myself and mount the perfect one. I started deer hunting about 4 years ago and killed my first deer after one year. Ever since I killed my first deer I have been chasing after the big one to put on the wall.