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Zachary Hebert

Zachary Hebert
Lake Charles, LA 



Hi. My name is Zachary Hebert. I am 19 years old and live in Lake Charles Louisiana. I love In sportsman paradise. I grew up in hecker, Louisiana where it is all swamp and rice fields. I started hunting when I was about 6 I killed my first duck my first hunt. Ever since then I have been hooked I have thought and taken many of my little cousins and their cousins to kill their first of a lot of things. I started fishing at about 10 and ever since have been fishing tournaments. My grandpa and I are each other's go to fishing partners.My dad hunted when I was younger but never really had time then my grandpa bought 4,000 acres of swamp and rice field to hunt. We use 2,000 of that to conserve and give ducks and deer to rest and feed. My grandpa always hunted but I was little then he started taking me squirrel, duck, deer, hog, and turkey hunting and I instantly fell in love. When my grandpa got in a bad work accident I farmed and managed all the land and started guiding off of the land to help pay for things and I would take younger kids and people that never really had a chance to hunt much but wanted to free of charge. Now most of them are addicted. Since I have started hunting I have since killed 5 hybrids and 49 bands 7 of which have been reward bands. My first specklebelly was neckbanded.